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Friday, October 28, 2011

I think I have got it

Here it is.  Thanks APOS for a wonderful term.


OMG, my computor wont upload my photo of my canvas.  ARG  and all my kids are gone out.  ARG!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011

Look up the word exhausted in the dictionary and find a picture of me.  Or for that matter I would also be pictured by busy, rushed, and flustered.  But I do love my life. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Holy...its been a while

Good Morning Everyone, it has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to update Scrapadoodledoo. 

Summer has been a very busy time for me.  We hold a yearly reunion out at our cabin each year and each year it appears to grow.  This year was no different.  It was great being able to see relatives that we havent seen in a very long time and to meet some relatives that we havent met in the past. I am so looking forward to next years. 

Summer has also been a time when I get to participate in another favorite pass time of mine, quadding.  We have been on four largers quadding trips this year.  The first was on May long weekend and we went to Swan Hills, Alberta.  The second was on the July long weekend and we went to Medicine Lake, Alberta.  The third was to Grande Prairie Albert on the weekend of August 18-20th, and finally on the September long weekend to Medicine Lake again.  As we are relatively new quadders (only starting last year), some of these trips possed some great challenges and we thoroughly enjoyed each trip.  We also go quadding at the cabin every opportunity we get to. 

My other favorite pass time has been a bit neglected over the summer.  That pass time being scrapping.  I have done work for both of the design teams I am on, but haven't had any time to scrap for myself.  That will change this weekend though.  I am going to a staff only cop on Saturday night and plan to do some great work for myself.  With how busy the summer has been, I have some great photo's that need to be scrapped. 

I have had a great time working on my projects with APOS.  I have been involved in the Christmas in July Card Challenge as well as two inspiration challenges.  I have been trying to upload the photo's from my work computor, but have failed.  I will post them tomorrow night from my home computor.  We have also started Scrapbuilding again, and my turn is coming up.  I always love this activity. 

We have a wonderful event coming up in October but you will have to wait to get more details.  What I can tell you is that you wont want to miss it.

I have also been very busy on the Design Team at Creative Scrapbooks here in Edmonton.  We have just completed the second Cookbook in the cookbook club and are getting ready for the next.  The next one is with the new BoBunny paper and I have named the Cookbook "Sweet Treats."  This cookbook will be followed by the last one in the series, which will be a Christmas Cookie , cookbook. 

I have also designed a Country Christmas Card Class being held on October 26 at Creative Scrapbooks.  I will post pictures of both tomorrow evening as well.

And there is some fantastic news coming about a Christmas event at Creative Scrapbooks as well.  More info to follow on this event as well.

Well it was nice catching up will all of you and you will see another posting from me tomorrow evening. Take Care!!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Blog Hop

Welcome to the APOS! blog hop!
If you arrived here from JEN then you are on the right track. If you’ve arrived here by accident,then go here APOS! Facebook page discussion to start at the beginning. Don't have facebook, that is okay, just hop on over to DIANA and go from there.
I think you’re really going to enjoy seeing what each of the APOS! Inspiration Team have come up with using their chosen products.

To participate in the blog hop (and maybe win some candy) is so easy! Visit each inspiration team member’s blog and leave a comment. You will get one entry into a draw for some pretty amazing blog candy just for visiting and leaving a comment at each Inspiration Team Member’s blog. Posting the picture of this candy on your own blog,along with a link back to APOS! will earn you another entry into the draw (just make sure to leave a comment letting us know that you added the link!). Adding yourself as a follower to any of the team members or 'liking' APOS! on facebook, another entry is yours!

Do you want to know what you’re hopping for? This is what you are playing for... a small something from your choice of one of the inspiration teams choice of papers/products!!!
So with all that being said now on to what i have done. We were all given this sketch to work our magic on.

I chose the My Minds Eye line of papers for my sketch and more specifically the Lost and Found line. I have found this line to be one of my favourite all time lines as it works so well with the numerous heirloom types of layouts I do. In this layout I also used some cardstock, four brown brads, some green ribbon and black ink to outline all of the pieces other than the photo’s.

Next stop for you will be KELSEY
Again thanks for hopping by.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What do you mean...

I have to get up in the morning. After four months of being off work for medical reasons, I am finally returning tomorrow. I am so looking forward to returning.

June 24, 2011

Today I was able to post my second Inspiration for APOS. My inspiration was to celebrate summer with a far out an too cool summer layout using som psychodelic colors and incorporating a black and white summer themed photo. Here is the completed layout.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Cookbook Club

I had the first cookbook club class last night and had a great time. I would like to thank Debbie, Jennifer, Jane, Yvette and Cassie for attending and being such great students. Because of their skill and determination we were able to complete at least a dozen pages. As the pages progressed each of them was able to put their own touches on the books and make them individual which I absolutely love. We will be completing the books on July 5th and I look forward to seeing the finished product.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cookbook Club

I was finally able to get some photo's of the first two installments of the Cookbook Club and wanted to share them with you. The first is a RETRO STYLE Cookbook and the classes for this one will take place on June 21st and July 5, 2011:

The second is a HERITAGE STYLE and takes place on August 17th and 30th 2011:

I am soooo excited about these classes. Come by Creative Scrapbooks and see the completed books.



Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

Good Day everyone,

I am so happy to announce that I have also been chosen to be on the Design Team for Creative Scrapbooks here in Edmonton, Alberta. I am thrilled. In addition to hosting monthly Late Night Crops I have also started the COOKBOOK CLUB. JOin us on June 22, 2011 and July 5, 2011 to complete a 17 page cookbook which will allow you to insert your own recipes. The COOKBOOK CLUB will be an ongoing event in which you will be able to complete a cookbook in a two evening classes. Each cookbook will be theme based. The first is a RETRO COOKBOOK, which will be followed by a HERITAGE COOKBOOK. Stay tuned for photos, or better yet come to the store as the Retro Cookbook is currently on display behind our till area.



Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good Day

Today is a good day. It is supposed to be plus 23 here and I am so looking forward to spending as much time outside as possible. I have been outside for a bit, and determined very quickly that there is no need to do your hair, it is a windy, warm, refreshing day.

I actually had time to take part in a Challenge posted by one of the other IT team members, Tams.

Her Challenge was in honor of the Royal Wedding. It was to include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Here is my take on her challenge:

I have to say it is an honor being part of the Inspiration Team at APOS, and I am so lucky to have other team members there to inspire me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am in IT Girl

May 1, 2011

Good day everyone. I am more than pleased to announce that I have been selected as an Inspiration Team member for A PILE OF SCRAP, which is a scrapping store or rather community based in Fredericton New Brunswick. I am soooooo excited. I am actually just preparing for our first meeting and am looking forward to getting started on this new adventure. I hope you will join me.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

Good Day All,

Sorry I havent' updated the blog in a while but again I have been quite busy.

First off I would like to say that today is my Anniversary. It has been 365 days since my last cigarette, and I feel good. I would like to say great, but unfortunately at the beginning of March I found out that I had cancer. It was in my right kidney. On April 6 I had my kidney removed so I am currently recovering. I don't find out until May 19th if the Doctors have any further concerns about it, but I am thinking no news is good news. I will try not to dwell on this but would not be very truthful if I said I am completely confident that I don't have to worry about it. I hope that I will be able to have that confidence on May 19th.

I haven't done much scrapping lately for obvious reasons, but have recently done a few pages. I am hoping that my motivation will increase as my enery returns.

Anyway it was nice to finally get back on line and at least put a few things behind me.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Afternoon All,

I have had a very busy and somewhat stressful last few weeks. Thank goodness I have scrapbooking as a release for the stress. I have scrapped about 15-20 layouts recently, which is a clear understanding of my stress level and would like to share some of them with you.

The first picture is of my eldest daughter and her friend in their first duet together. They did very well in all of the competitions.

The second is a picture of my brother, father and grandfather. This is a total scraplift from a friend of mine. I saw her layout and totally pictured this photo on it, so she gave me permission to scraplift it. Thanks Scrapfriggentastic.

The third is a layout with a photo of my mother on her 1st Communion Day. She is the second from the right.

And the final one is of me and my cousin both sporting new outfits that my Auntie bought us. The photo doesn't do it justice but they were both white lace and I loved mine.

Hopefully I will get another layout of two done this weekend, but we will see.

Til Later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good evening fellow bloggers,

Happy Family Day fellow Albertan's.  I hope everyone had a super long weekend and spent some absolutely wonderful family time together today.

Well is sure has been eventful in my life lately.  Most recently an extended family member was medi-vac'd to Edmonton due to a complication with a pregnancy.  On Thursday February 17, 2011 the world safely welcomed Isabella Angel-Feather Magun into the world. Although she was over six weeks premature she weighed a healthy 4lbs 8oz and is very healthy.
I also made birth announcements for them which I will have to add later because I forgot to take photo's of them before I gave them to the Mom and Dad.
As well I have been a scrapping fool. I did particpate in an online crop throughout this weekend and I created nine new layouts and only one was scraplifted.  I am partial to this one:

as well as:

I was also lucky enough to spend a very productive all day crop yesterday at my local scrapbooking store.  It was a very good weekend.

Next weekend is a full weekend crop, which I am so looking forward to.  I have two topic's I would like to focus on, so I will start planning and preparing for the weekend.

Tell next time.


Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011

I haven't had much time to scrap/craft this week as work has been very busy.  I am hoping I will sneak some time this weekend.  I do have some projects I would like to get done, so hopefully I will be successful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am so happy, I have now figured out how to publish photo's on the blog.  Believe me this is a great achievement for me. 

I have also had the chance this weekend to take photo's of the majority of my projects to date and will now be able to post them.  I have an earlier post that refers to the cookbooks I have completed for my three daughters as well as my green eyed niece.  I am attaching photos of the covers of the books as well as samples of the pages within.

I have placed a picture of the person whose receipes follow.  The first pages of these books have photo's from my Great Grandmother,  which means that it is the girls Great - Great Grandmother.  I am so happy I have been able to do this for them.  It is my plan at this time to add to the books by at least one recipe for each birthday, Christmas or other important celebration in the girls lives.

Hope you enjoy.


This is a sample of cards I made for a Craft it Forward Challenge.

I have attached a sample of cards that I made for a Craft it Forward Challenge.  I am donating these cards to the agency, IHUMAN. This agency is located in Edmonton AB and assists inner city high risk youths.  I do have some interactions with the agency and am very confident that the youths will truly appreciate them.  I am so grateful that I have been able to participate in this challenge.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ezee Pzee Blog Hop

Join the blog hop and win this fun prize package from Ezee Pzee!!!!!
Just follow these rules and Go!
To participate in the blog hop (and maybe win some candy) is ezee! Visit each design team member’s blog and leave a comment. You will get one entry into a draw for some pretty amazing blog candy just for visiting and leaving a comment at each Dezign Team Member’s blog. Posting the picture of this candy on your own blog, along with a link back to Ezee Pzee will earn you another entry into the draw (just make sure to leave a comment letting us know that you added the link!).

So, what are you waiting for? The blog hop starts January 19th and ends on
January 25th. If you lose your way at any time here is a full list of all of the Dezign Team blogs with links:
Good luck and have fun everyone

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011 which promises to be a great year.  I have attached a layout I recently did regarding one of my greatest accomplishments in 2010.  I do not make resolutions, however I repeatedly told myself in 2010 that I would focus on quitting smoking in that year and focus on the weight issue in 2011.  Well guess what?  It's 2011.  I am not going to be fanatical about weight loss, just make some healthier choices and try to break some old habits.  We shall see how this goes.  It seems as though I am having some difficulty posting the photo of the layout.  I will try later on my home commutor.  Have a great day.